Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I believed each ppl has their own hobby, which is can fulfilled whatever needs and desired they had. Same goes with me, mine is collecting different "Betta Fish" which is well known as "Fighting Fish" in Malaysia. Last nite, m captured all my pets picture to be shared with all of you. & here, enjoy my "Betta Fish" picture as per below ^___^
:: Blue Boy - My Favorite Pet's
:: Red Dragon's - My Aggressive Fighting Fish
:: Prince Crown - This is The Most Expensive Betta Fish I Ever Had
:: The Twin's - My Twin Fish
:: Mr. Cutest - My Small Betta Fish

Monday, April 18, 2011


Just now m browsed some interesting place to travel with. Since m very busy with my work, my time kinda limited and so far m never go to any places to have some fun by enjoying myself. Hence, m plan to take some leave to have my own vacation's for this purposes. As now, a few places already in my list, and guys, your kind suggestion and comment is highly needed.

:: Option 1
Mabul Island - Semporna, Tawau - Sabah

:: Option 2
Simpang Mengayau - Kudat, KK - Sabah

:: Option 3
Maliau Basin - Tawau, Sabah

P/S = Do booked your own leave by visiting your dream place. It will be great for yourself after.



Dear bloggerskian,

Its been a long time I didn't update my blog since transfered to a new workplace (From PG, Johor ----> Twu, Sabah).

This morning, I'm accidentally open my blog. "My God! It's been a quite messy blog's i had without putting any update inside".

With noble willing to update this particular blog, finally this is a new post I'm done for new year 2011. Kinda amazing to do this one actually.

From now on, this blog will be keep updated to share any informations to everyone.

Wish all of you have a nice moment..